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Story Time for Grownups with David Loftus

The Ambivalent & Wry Mr. Vonnegut

The late Kurt Vonnegut was a distinctively American writer. “Story Time for Grownups” features the writings of Vonnegut, read by David Loftus at Rose City Book Pub, 1329 NE Fremont, 8:00pm Tuesday, April 30, 2019. No cover charge. A critic once stated that Vonnegut put bitter coatings over sweet pills. Whether that’s accurate or closer to the other way around, he was a memorable read no matter when we encountered him or what we read. Whether he wrote about life on other planets, his experiences in the World War II firebombing of Dresden, employment at faceless corporations, or various versions of the end of the world, Vonnegut was always both thought-provoking and hilarious. Founder of “Story Time for Grownups,” David Loftus will read a selection from the late author’s novels, stories, and essays. Loftus has read to audiences in libraries, coffee shops, Powell’s Books, and even banks. He has recorded and performed live with the Willamette Radio Workshop. He appeared in an episode of “Grimm” as a French-speaking Reaper, and you may have seen him in recent ads for SELCO Community Credit Union. A native Oregonian, David Loftus is the author of three books.

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