Do you have vegan or gluten free options?

Our quinoa bowl is vegan and gluten free.  The vegetables are cooked separately and the sauces are served on the side in case you have other allergies or food sensitivities.  We have gluten free bottled beer.  Our cider is always on the same tap line to prevent contamination.  

Can I reserve the bar for a private event?

We try not to shut the entire bar down for too many events, but it's always worth asking.  Daytime events are more possible than evening events.  In good weather, the back patio is sometime available for rentals.

When is trivia night? 

Trivia night is Wednesdays 7:00-9:00 pm.  We host our own event with our own questions, 5 rounds of 10 questions each.  There is usually a literary round, but the trivia is wide ranging.  Teams are limited to 4 members.  

Do you buy used books?

Not yet for the most part.  We are opening with far more books than we have room for, but as soon as we sell enough of our opening inventory, we will begin buying books.  We are currently purchasing children's and young adult books.